Union County

Union County had a deviation of about 50% before the 2010 Census, and failed to redistrict in 2011. They still have a population deviation of about 50%, the third worst in the state. 




County Redistricting Overview

State law and state and federal court decisions require that local government districts be compact, contiguous, not cross precint boundaries, and be as nearly equal in population as possible (usually with population deviation of less than 10%). To be in compliance, answers to each of the questions below should be "Yes".

Note: Other requirements regarding vote dilution and minority representation are not examined in this report.

Were the districts based on the 2000 census in compliance with state law? No.  The population deviation was at least 50%.
Did the county redistrict after the 2010 census? No
Is the population deviation of the current districts less than 10%? No.  It is 48%, nearly 5 times the legal limit and the third worst in the state.
Are the current districts compact and contiguous? Yes
Is every precinct wholly contained within a single district? Yes
 Other Comments:  Currently 1,262 residents of District 1 have the same say over governance as 2,133 residents of District 4, leaving District 4 seriously underrepresented.



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2010 Census Data

In 2012, we were able to determine exact populations for each county council district by identifying which precincts (as drawn in 2011 by each county) were in which county council district. We were able to calculate precinct populations using the 2010 census as long as precincts contained whole census blocks, which they are supposed to do.

District 1 1261 | District 2 1957 | District 3 2165 | District 4 2133
Total Population    7516
Average District Population   1879
Population Deviation    48%

Population deviation is calculated by subtracting the smallest district from the largest district and dividing by the average district population. The maximum allowable deviation for local governments is 10%.