Indiana Cities and Towns: A success story

In February 2012, the Indiana Association of Cities and Towns held a panel on “Mandatory Municipal Redistricting” as part of their annual statewide IACT conference.  Indiana municipalities across the state had held elections in 2011 and thus were not due to redistrict until 2012.  (Elections for county councils and school boards, in contrast, are taking place in 2012 and thus they were required to redistrict in 2011.) The three panelists on redistricting at the IACT conference—the Speaker of the Indiana House of Representatives, the Republican co-chair of the Indiana Elections Division, and the state’s leading redistricting lawyer—left no doubt that redistricting was not only mandatory but also had to follow all facets of Indiana law and federal and state legal precedents.  The IACT followed up with timelines, guidelines, practical tips and other assistance to ensure that all municipal governments in the state redistricted and did so properly.   In sharp contrast to our experience with county councils in 2011, every city and town official we contacted in 2012 was aware of the redistricting requirement and told us that they were in the process of complying.