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Indiana County-MapThis website reports research done by Professor Kelsey Kauffman and her students at DePauw University in 2011 and 2012.  We created it to provide citizens and government officials detailed information that is available nowhere else on the success or failure of local governments in Indiana to redistrict after the 2010 census. 

The “About” section explains the legal requirement that local governments redistrict and the rationale behind doing so.  It provides two egregious examples of the failure to redistrict, the North Putnam School Board and the Bartholomew County Council, as well the apparent success story of municipal redistricting.   It also considers why local and state government officials have shirked their duties when it comes to redistricting, the risks of doing so, and possible legislative remedies. 

The “County Council” section provides detailed information and maps for 86 of Indiana’s 92 county councils.  (Excluded are the state’s three largest counties—Lake, Marion, and St. Joseph’s—as their county councils operate under different rules, and Allen, Elkhart, and Gibson Counties due to problems with data and generating accurate maps.) For every county, we report whether its districts were in compliance before the 2010 census; whether it redistricted in 2011; and whether it is in compliance now, with districts that are nearly equal in population, compact, contiguous and contain only whole precincts. 

Still to come are sections on school boards and the special issue of how to deal with large prison populations. 

Special Thanks

We would like to give a special thank you to the following individuals for their help in this project:

Beth Wilkerson - GIS Specialist

Greg Screws - GIS Intern

Rob Crawley - DPU Printing Services

Joe Smith - DPU Printing Services

Kelsey Kauffman - Program Advisor

Shelby Bremer - Student Intern

Richard Walsh - Student Intern